Correctbook is a social enterprise battling against illiteracy in developing countries. 800 million people above the age of 15 are illiterate in this world. 250 million children are going to school every day without pen and paper. Correctbook battles against illiteracy by producing endless reusable writing materials. Every Correctbook we sell enables us to provide one child in developing areas with Correctbook writing material for one trimester.


Children in developing areas with a Correctbook Writing Set
Ink for quantity trimesters (three months) of writing
Correctbooks in production on this moment
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If you already have a Correctbook and want to continue helping us in our battle against illiteracy, you can become a Correctbook Buddy!

Writing as a service

We do not just donate. We have created the Correctbook Development program that enables writing as a service. We set out the program at hundreds of schools in collaboration with our development aid partners. The children at the schools are provided with a Correctbook, a pen, ink stations, a cloth and a safety box for in class. In case a product gets broken, we will replace it. The schools are being supervised for the correct usage of Correctbook and the teachers are getting a training how to use the products correctly. Our research proves us that a child could write for three months with every Correctbook sold.

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While on Holiday in South Africa, Correctbook founder Sam found out what the children really wanted: something to write on. He was surprised that the children did not ask for food or other basic need. They asked for pen and paper. These children wanted to learn how to write, but they did not have the materials to do so. The problem is that paper notebooks can be used only once. Back in the Netherland, Sam started Correctbook. A never ending erasable notebook, so that the children have writing materials they can use over and over again.


Correctbook wants to supply 1 million erasable notebooks to children in need before 2023. The children are writing for at least four years with Correctbook. We have the obligation to tell the world about the underestimated problem of illiteracy and that we can give opportunities to children who need it most.

Correctbook Diary

Since January of 2019, Correctbook built their own production line in Rwanda. All African Correctbooks are produced here locally and fair. The impact of Correctbook is growing exponentially. Founder Sam wants to record every step Correctbooks takes in the video serie “Correctbook Diary”.

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