Launch of new series: Correctbook helps 15.000 African children with endless writing material

Twenty five year old Sam van Tol from Rotterdam travels the world with his company Correctbook. This prize winning enterprise wants to battle the lack of writing material in developing countries with a sustainable solution: re-writable writing material. Notebooks that can be used more than once. By launching the series “Correctbook Diary” on YouTube the company gives the public a peek into the world of illiteracy and the impact that the company makes.


How Correctbook started

Five years ago, Sam was on holidays in South Africa and saw the problems concerning illiteracy with his own eyes. In the schools he visited, there were hardly any pens and notebooks available, except a few wet or muffled pieces. After he came home, he could not forget about what he had seen. Almost one billion people around the world cannot learn to read and write.

Sam developed a notebook that can be re-used endlessly. He started the social enterprise “Correctbook” in 2014 and by now more than one hundred thousand people write with his writing material. His team is growing steadily and the company has won several prizes, including the “sociale innovation of the year” and “promotion gift of the year” twice in a row. The concept is very simple. Correctbook sells her notebooks in Western countries ( and uses part of the return to make the same material available in the developing countries.


Youtube series “Correctbook Diary”

Correctbook is launching her own series on YouTube, to put the problem of illiteracy in the picture. “Illiteracy is an underestimated problem. 250 million children go to school without a pen and paper. That is incomprehensible. Personal development starts with a pen and a paper. But the problem is that a normal pen and paper don’t last very long”, says Sam.

In the first episode of the series, you see Sam travelling to Rwanda to supply 15.000 children with a Correctbook. The video shows the stories of the children, their parents and their teachers. Besides the emotional side of the story, the series show the adventure of a young man who faces all kinds of obstacles to start a movement against a worldwide problem. A definite recommendation to see it!

The first episode can be watched now: