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Correctbook A5 Hardcover Premium


Correctbook A5 Hardcover Premium

The “Correctbook Hardcover Premium” is a special luxurious edition. This erasable notebook ensures that you save a lot of paper. Obviously this is good for our planet earth. Besides saving trees Correctbook helps you contribute to a solution for illiteracy. Correctbook donates one trimester of reusable writing material in Africa for every Correctbook sold. Let’s create a better world together with Correctbooks reusable notebooks!


Features of this Black Reusable Notebook

  • Black hard cover of artificial leather
  • A5 Size (21 cm x 14.8 cm)
  • Correctbook® Unbind & Click Binder
  • 20 Correctbook® Core Erasable Sheets (40 Pages)


What do you get for free when you order this notebook?