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Correctbook marker


Correctbook marker

The Correctbook® markers provide an excellent writing experience in your erasable notebook. The markers write smoothly, do not stain and the ink dries within a few seconds.


Available Colors & Sizes

  • Black (0.6 mm and 1.0 mm)
  • Red (0.6 mm and 1.0 mm)
  • Green (0.6 mm and 1.0 mm)
  • Blue (0.6 mm and 1.0 mm)


Which Marker should you choose?

The 0.6mm fineliner is ideal for writing and is advised when you write a lot and want to take notes quickly. The 1.0mm pen is perfect for drawing and is recommended when you draw a lot, want to sketch something  or emphasize text (for example headlines).

Correctbook pagina's uitwisbaar schriftCorrectbook pagina's uitwisbaar schrift

Correctmarker Refill Station


Correctmarker Refill station

The Correctmarker Refill station ensures that you can reuse the Correctbook® marker when it’s empty. One jar of refilling ink can refill the marker 10 to 12 times. Correctbook also donates these refill stations in Africa because that is more eco-friendly than replacing empty markers. Curious about the impact of our donations so far? View our Impact Figures!


Available Ink Colors

  • Black (20 ml)
  • Blue (20 ml)


How does it work?

Easy! Put the tip of your empty Correctbook® marker in the refill station for a period of 24 hours. After this, the marker is refilled and ready to write.

Correctbook Flashcards


Correctbook Flashcards

These erasable flashcards are very convenient as you can reuse them indefinitely. Reusing your Flashcards has a positive impact on the environment and it saves you money! Besides these benefits they also support a good cause. Correctbook donates one trimester of erasable writing material in Africa for every Flashcard package sold. Let’s improve the world together!


Features of the Correctbook Flashcards

  •  144 Erasable Flashcards
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, Green & Red
  • Format: 7.5cm x 11 cm


What do you get for free when ordering these Flashcards?

  •  1 Black Erasable Correctbook® Fineliner
  •  1 Correctbook® Cleaning cloth
  •  Infinite Writing, Drawing & Learning Fun

Correctbook® Wiping Cloth


Correctbook® Cleaning Cloth

This reusable cleaning cloth is new in our collection! It is ideal for erasing larger surfaces in your Correctbook.  The Correctbook® Cleaning Cloth is washable which means you can use it endlessly like your Correctbook! The cloth can be washed in the washing machine, but to keep it in the best condition, we recommend that you avoid fabric softeners and washing programs above 60 ° Celsius.  

Features of this Cleaning Cloth:

Color: Blue

Material: Microfiber

Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm

Set Extra Pages


Set Extra Pages

Would you like to personalize your Correctbook and expand it with extra erasable pages? You can! Order the set of pages that you would like to add and easily click them into the Correctbook® Unbind & Click Binder. We have put a lot of time into the development of the Correctbook® Core pages and we are proud of the result. The Correctbook® Core pages ensure an excellent writing experience in your erasable notebook.  


Available Pages & Sizes

  • Plain 
  • Lined 
  • Grid 0.5mm 
  • Dotted Grid 
  • To-Do List 
  • Week Planner (A4 & A5)
  • sheet music (A4 & A5)
  • mix pages set : 1 plain, 1 lined, 1 grid, 1 dotted grid, 1 to-do list

*Each set of pages contains 5 sheets (10 pages).


Which type of page is right for you?

If you write a lot of text it is best to opt for lined pages. If you work a lot with numbers then grid pages can be very useful. If you like to draw or visualize your thoughts then plain pages are the right choice for you. If you have many tasks it is convenient to write them on the to-do list pages. If you would like to give a creative layout to your pages, the “Bullet Journal” (dotted grid) pages are perfect for you! If you have a busy schedule then the weekplanner pages might be handy!

Correctbook Tabs


Correctbook Tabs

Would you like to better organize your Correctbook? You can! Order the Tabs and easily click them into the Correctbook® Unbind & Click Binder. The tabs fit perfectly in the softcover A4 & A5 Correctbook Notebooks.  


Features of the Tabs:

  • Set of 4 Tabs (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green)
  • A4 or A5 Size

Correctbook cleaning kit


Correctbook Cleaning Kit

Would you like to clean your Correctbook thoroughly? This is possible with the Correctbook® cleaning kit! The cleaning kit contains a cleaning spray and a cleaning cloth. The Correctbook cleaning spray has a water-based liquid so that you can quickly and easily erase the ink and/or ink residues on a page. In addition, the fluid provides extra protection for your Correctbook © Core Pages. The cleaning cloth is extra large so you can finish the cleaning process quickly.  


Features of the Cleaning Spray Bottle

  • Colour White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Volume: 100 ml


Characteristics of the Cleaning Cloth

  • Color: Light blue
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 cm
perfect voor het wissen van whiteboard notebook

Correctbook Cleaningsponges


Correctbook Cleaningsponges

The Correctbook® cleaning sponges are ideal for erasing short notes in your erasable notebook. The cleaning sponges can be ordered by 2 or 5. If you order 5 cleaning sponges, they will be delivered in a storage box.  


Characteristics of the Cleaning Sponges

  • Colour White
  • Material: Foam
  • Dimensions: 2.5 cm x 6 cm x 1.5 cm (length, width, depth)