Set Extra Pages


Set Extra Pages

Would you like to personalize your Correctbook and expand it with extra erasable pages? You can! Order the set of pages that you would like to add and easily click them into the Correctbook® Unbind & Click Binder. We have put a lot of time into the development of the Correctbook® Core pages and we are proud of the result. The Correctbook® Core pages ensure an excellent writing experience in your erasable notebook.  


Available Pages & Sizes

  • Plain 
  • Lined 
  • Grid 0.5mm 
  • Dotted Grid 
  • To-Do List 
  • Week Planner (A4 & A5)
  • sheet music (A4 & A5)
  • mix pages set : 1 plain, 1 lined, 1 grid, 1 dotted grid, 1 to-do list

*Each set of pages contains 5 sheets (10 pages).


Which type of page is right for you?

If you write a lot of text it is best to opt for lined pages. If you work a lot with numbers then grid pages can be very useful. If you like to draw or visualize your thoughts then plain pages are the right choice for you. If you have many tasks it is convenient to write them on the to-do list pages. If you would like to give a creative layout to your pages, the “Bullet Journal” (dotted grid) pages are perfect for you! If you have a busy schedule then the weekplanner pages might be handy!


Additional information

Set of 5 extra pages

A6 dot grid, A6 grid, A6 lined, A6 mix pages, A6 plain, A6 to-do, A5 Sheet Music, A5 mix pages, A5 week planner, A5 to-do, A5 plain, A5 lined, A5 grid, A5 dot grid, A4 mix pages, A4 Sheet Music, A4 weekplanner, A4 plain, A4 lined, A4 dot grid, A4 grid, A4 to-do


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