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The Correctbook Backpack


Correctbook Backpack

This eco-friendly backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it an environmentally conscious choice when buying a new backpack. Additionally, Correctbook ensures that with your purchase you contribute to a solution for illiteracy. Correctbook donates erasable writing material in Africa for every product sold. Let’s create a better world together!  


Features of this Backpack

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Recycled plastic bottles
  • Dimensions: 42 x 29 x 11 cm (length, width, depth)
    • Spacious zip main compartment
    • 15 inch laptop compartment
    • 2 Zip front pockets
    • 1 front pocket for your Correctbook
    • 1 side pocket for your water bottle
    • Adjustable shoulder straps
    • Carrying capacity up to 3 kg

Whiteboard markers


Whiteboard markers for Sticky Whiteboards

With these whiteboard markers you write your message clearly on the Correctbook © Sticky Whiteboards. The whiteboard markers are specifically intended for Sticky Whiteboards and should not be used in  the Correctbook © Core Pages.  


Available Colors: 

  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
Sticky Whiteboards, presentatievellen, A1, 10 vellenSticky Whiteboards, presentatievellen, A1, 10 vellen

Sticky Whiteboards A1 roll (10 sheets, 80x60cm)


Correctbook Sticky Whiteboards Roll

The Correctbook® Sticky Whiteboards are flexible erasble whiteboard sheets which can be placed on (/and removed from) any surface. The erasable sticky whiteboards ensure that you save a lot of paper. Obviously this is good for our planet earth. Besides saving trees Correctbook helps you contribute to a solution for illiteracy. Correctbook donates one trimester of reusable writing material in Africa for every Correctbook sold.    


Features of the Sticky Whiteboards Roll:

  • 10 Reusable & Erasable Presentation Sheets
  • Format Presentation sheets: 80 x 60 cm  


What do you get for free when you order the Sticky Whiteboards?

  • 1 Black Erasable Whiteboard Marker
  • Supporting Correctbook® Scan App
  • Infinite Writing, Drawing Fun